Vision & Mission

Npvision aims to be the common-sense alternative to our clients’ main IT distributor. We also wish to be known as accessible, reliable and discreet business partners.

Npvision Group is intended to function as an alternative to conventional IT sales companies. We listen and are loyal to our clients’ wishes and real needs. Then we source products – new or used IT equipment and IT infrastructure – to create the desired solution. We sweep the global market to obtain the products for which we have a demand, and we scan the same world market when our clients and partners express a wish to sell their older but functional products.

We are able to source almost any type of product – both hardware and software. We are an authorised partner of several manufacturers, which gives us a number of advantages. The enormous global marketplace and free product mobility fill our business with interesting and off-beat opportunities. Our focus and identity are based in this market.

We also seek to offer services in a range of areas to support clients’ responses to the current market situation..

We seek to become Denmark’s best IT sourcers!

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Our partners

HP IBM Lenovo Adobe Microsoft Cisco