To distributors and brokers

We work closely with many distributors – in Denmark and abroad. Our cooperative approach ensures that we can always offer the client a market-leading price for his equipment.

Sometimes we have direct (and discreet) contact to a client, who wishes to sell used IT equipment. In this situation, all the the distributor has to do is to concentrate on finding a purchaser. The distributor sometimes assumes full responsibility for the task, in which case Npvision’s role is exclusively to approve the price from the sidelines.

If your company is primarily a brokerage, we will, of course, be pleased to help you sell your “take-outs” or any products you may have in your permanent warehouse. As old hands in this market, we have a very strong network among the world’s IT brokers, and can therefore offer a unique service. We hope that you will ask us to help you next time you need a partner for a specific task.

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