Data deletion

Sensitive data is often a serious corporate headache, which makes it difficult to dispose of phased-out or obsolete IT equipment.

It is therefore vital to choose a partner who can guarantee that your corporate and personal data will be deleted correctly.

Npvision Group and its data deletion partner have many years of experience of deleting data. We use specialist tools to perform the process. All data deletion work is performed by our partner’s specially trained employees.

When using software to delete data, repeatedly overwriting the hard disk using specialist software is insufficient. The software must address the hard disk in its entirety, i.e. including areas, the deletion of which is normally prevented by the PC’s BIOS. To delete data, we use IBAS ExpertEraser, which meets the US DoD5220.22-M2 sanitization standard.

Degaussing exposes the hard disk to an extremely powerful magnetic field, which wipes everything on the device. We use the market’s most powerful degausser, which is developed by IBAS. We use degaussing in particular when the hard disk has physical defects or if the client requires certainty that the data is deleted. Once the hard disk is degaussed, it cannot be re-used.

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