Sell Your out-phased IT-infrastructure

We sell functional used IT equipment (depending on the age of the equipment in question).

Npvision Group is a professional vendor of all types of phased-out IT infrastructure. However, we know from experience that equipment that is more than 5-6 years old is seldom worth much at all. We seek therefore to begin the replacement and migration process as early as humanly possible.

The sooner the company decides to phase out and sell its IT infrastructure, the higher the devices’ sales value will be.

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Which devices can I sell? Npvision Group essentially accepts any type of used IT equipment. However, we stipulate that equipment must be functional and in reasonably good condition.

Npvision Group’s main focus areas regarding used IT infrastructure are:

  • image
  • image
  • servers
  • network-equipment_UK
  • smart-and-ip-phones_UK
  • laptops-and-desktops_UK
  • data-erase_UK

We can find buyers for any of the following product types, regardless of manufacturer.

We believe that there is huge potential in sales of used but functional IT infrastructure that is phased out from companies. As IT sourcing is only one of our core competences, we are always pleased to receive IT infrastructure from our client companies.

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